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Home Health - Private Duty - Hospice  

The Hurricane Virtual Boot Camp is intended to train and motivate you and your team on how to scale your business to $3 Million and beyond. Since our first event in 2013, we have helped thousands of business owners to grow their census, revenue, and profits. Our attendees have seen growth of over a billion dollars, AND have helped over 50,000 seniors receive the proper care.

The Hurricane Virtual Boot Camp is tailored specifically for Home Health, Private Duty and Hospice organizations. Below is the list of all the topics.

Virtual Boot Camp Topics

The Creation of “Power Partners” (Steve "The Hurricane"):

Two heads are better than one and marketing together is so much fun! By calling upon synergistic service providers in your area, you can begin to grow your business exponentially. This presentation covers the effective techniques to form strategic partnerships, how to create self-duplication, leveraging relationships, co-marketing and co-sponsoring, networking, and much more. 

How to Successfully Develop a Referral Source (Steve "The Hurricane"):

Steve “The Hurricane” teaches all the proven steps he created for developing a referral source. He answers questions such as: Where do I go for business? How often should I visit? How can I get past the gatekeeper? And why won’t the Social Worker meet with me? He will walk you through the qualifying process, teaching you everything you need to know about the best types of referral sources. He will show you his practical 5 step process which ensures your phone will ring!! 

Creating Champions (Steve "The Hurricane"):

Your internal team is the foundation of your business. With the proper people in place and a focus on clear objectives, the sky is truly the limit to what your business can achieve. Knowing the right time to hire the key players in your organization, and the techniques to manage the will make a huge difference. Their success within your company will lead to your success long term.

The Ins and Outs of Digital Marketing (Nick Bonitatibus): 

He will teach you the ins and outs of navigating the crazy world of social media. Which platforms should you focus on? How to utilize your personal social accounts to aid in your marketing efforts. He will also share tools and resources to help you implement these strategies. 

How To Implement Video Into Your Care Business (Nick Bonitatibus):  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 1 min video is worth 1.8 million! Learn how to create and implement video into your marketing efforts WITHOUT spending lots of time or money. Video is the most powerful medium online and when you learn the proper techniques it will help you grow your followers, brand, and business. PLUS, Nick will discuss how you can use video for managing, recruiting, and retaining caregivers. 

How To Market During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Meghan Smith):  

Due to the recent events, Meghan Smith has created a special presentation to discuss techniques and strategies to combat the issues caused by The Coronavirus. This is not an excuse to stop marketing - it just requires a different approach. 

Caregiver Trends Report 2020 - Behind The Data (Maggie Keen):  

61% of home care providers have turned down a case within the past 30 days because they didn’t have a caregiver to staff it. With historical low unemployment, a workforce that now gets 3+ calls a week for work, and the need to quickly recruit and retain caregivers to meet business demands, this session will help arm attendees with new thinking to build strategies that are grounded in key tactics that will inspire their workforce. Maggie will explain how to better understand their experiences and preferences while sharing stories behind recruitment and retention labor trends impacting the home care market.  

7 Steps to Freedom in Your Home Care Business (Steve "The Hurricane"): 

Do you run your business or does your business run you? In this presentation, Steve will show you how to reshape your business so it can run while you enjoy the life of a true entrepreneur.

The Powers Within (Steve "The Hurricane"):

An inspiring and energizing close to our event to "BLOW YOU AWAY"!!!

Private Duty Track

Killer Campaigns (Steve "The Hurricane"):  

Want to separate yourself from your competition? This program is the most important topic for creating marketing collaterals, for giving you reasons for lunch and learn in-services, and for allowing you to generate exclusive referrals from referrals sources. 

Home Health & Hospice Track

Navigating PDGM From A Marketing Perspective (Meghan Smith):

With the new changes in the healthcare system, it will be necessary for you to create customized programs to separate yourself from your competition? Meghan Smith will explain the most important topic for creating marketing collaterals, for giving you reasons for lunch and learn in-services, and for allowing you to generate exclusive referrals from referrals sources.

Hospital Marketing: Why Your Ratings Matter (Meghan Smith):

Hospital marketing can be so challenging! Join Meghan as she discusses the ins and outs of hospital marketing to conquer your biggest referral source! She will dive deep into what is important to them, what they are looking for, and what you should be doing to make their cut! 

Your Host

Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker, known for his expert knowledge in all things sales and marketing. From a young age, Steve has been driven to succeed and excelled across vastly different industries. Steve founded Hurricane Marketing Enterprises in 2012 with a goal to help other business owners around the globe.

Steve’s passion is to lead business owners on the path to find people in need of their services and convert these prospects into clients. His company’s mission statement is to help business owners increase their census, revenue, and profits. Through his programs and presentations, he has guided thousands of individuals to grow their organizations and continues to help them blow away the competition.

With his dedication and hard work, Steve has developed a foolproof program which enables start-up companies to quickly get ahead of the competition while helping existing business experience an explosive transformation. Many of his clients double and even triple annual revenue in as little as 6 months.


Home Health & Hospice

Meghan Smith Business Coach, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

Meghan Smith is a Business coach for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. She comes to the team with professional background marketing to homecare and hospice. Meghan started her career in the healthcare industry 12 years ago. 

In 2014, Meghan got Hurricanized directly from the source himself and has dominated the industry. Today Meghan helps her clients increase their weekly billable hours and revenue, by bringing value to their referral sources, and increasing her client’s community outreach.  

With Meghan’s energetic personality, she motivates her clients and pushes them to achieve greatness through structured business analysis, goal setting, and motivation.  


Digital Marketing

Nick Bonitatibus Owner and Founder, Digital Champions

Nick Bonitatibus is a passionate and engaging speaker with a focus on all things digital marketing. He stepped onto the stage early in his career with a mission to educate, inspire and empower everyone he encounters.  

Nick, former Marketing Manager for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, is the owner and founder of Digital Champions. His company is dedicated to helping businesses create and implement social media and video marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.  

He has taught thousands of individuals all over the country about improving online presence with his online marketing tactics. With the ever-changing digital world, Nick strives to deliver the newest and most up to date trends to his audience and clients. 

Digital Champions’ tagline is "Let's Grow Together," which perfectly represents Nick’s desire to never stop improving while inspiring others to do the same.  


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